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About Defenders of Valinor

We are the protectors of Vala created by Eru Ilúvatar before the world, and are the greatest of his creations in majesty and power. Ilúvatar created the world in song (and thought) through them, and allowed as many as would to enter therein.. A very new kin created in April of 2013 we have reached kinship rank 8 and have a kin house in the Falathlorn Homesteads. We Accept all levels, classes and races and are always willing to help members with anything from crafting to raids.


                                                                                  Kin Rules

1 - You can have as many alts in the kin as you like and if one becomes a kinsman/kinswoman all of your alts can become kinsman/kinswoman

2 - If you ask someone to make you something do not turn around and sell that item in the auction house for profit. If you are caught doing so you will be removed from the kin. 

3 - Kinmates are not going to do your work for you we are happy to help but will not do it for you.

4 - If you are offline for 30 days without notice you will be demoted down a rank or removed if you are a recruit.

5- If you are offline for 60 days with out notice you will be removed from the kin.

If anyone can think of anything they want to add send a mail to one of the officers and we will discuss it.

                                                                                         Claiming Your Characters

In order to claim your character just follow these steps

1 - Go to the kinship roster tab
2 - On the left side of the page will be 4 options. Click guild roster.
3 - find your character on the list and click claim next to your caracter.
4 - Repeat the process with all of your characters

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